Sunday, January 23, 2011

I hurt my brain.

Rome says so many funny things throughout the day, but I wanted to share her most recent meltdown. I was in the kitchen making dinner and she was in her kitchen doing the same except Mulligan, the wonder dog, was helping her cook. I didn't get to see exactly what happened but I know it involved a toy frying pan full of pretend dinner and an attempt to ride the dog to the table. There was a crash then she came running to me holding her head and crying. I tried to calm her down and asked her to tell me what happened. In between the sobs all I could manage to understand was, "I hurt my brain."

I love the term spirited's such a nice way of saying this kid is wild and I want to go hide. But in between those moments of chaos are these moments where I am nothing but amazed. I am amazed by the way she views the world and I realize I need to slow down and see through the eyes of a child. When her toy doesn't work or her figurines fall down she just says, "uh-oh" and moves on. There is no grumbling or mumbling or wondering why nothing goes right. Theres no hindsight replay and coulda, shoulda, wouldas. I am starting to realize that its not me who is raising this child but instead this child who is raising me. So from now
on I will be making a conscious effort to see through Rome's eyes, stop cataloguing my faults, and only flip out if I hurt my brain.

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